Stay Out of Debt: Pay Attention To Your Surroundings!

When it comes to being smart about finances, a big part of your equation is always going to be the desire to stay out of debt. And, though there might be more concrete and specific ways to go about this, you can also follow the general rule that you should pay attention to your surroundings! Your surroundings are a vital connection to your sense of financial well-being, and you would do well to keep this in mind during your daily activities.

What are some of the surrounding details of your life that might need a little bit of this introspective financial thought? Accidents are expensive, so you should avoid those. If you generally practice yellow light awareness, you can avoid situations that will cost you money. If you understand the psychology behind impulse buying, you can work to avoid them to stay out of debt. And, there are different ways of adapting to cultural norms that will stop you from overspending on things that other people do.

Avoiding Accidents

There’s no denying that accidents are expensive for everyone involved in them, regardless of fault. If you get in a bus accident, you may have to pay medical expenses for an injury that has occurred. Or, if a bus hits your vehicle, look you may have to pay repair costs, and there’s the chance that your insurance will go up. If you figure out how to avoid these accidents in the first place, you can much more easily stay out of situations where debt gets out of control because of these unexpected payments and costs.

Yellow Light Awareness

When it comes to determining situational awareness, there is a way of thinking involving green, yellow, and red lights. Green means you feel totally secure. Yellow means that you’re aware of your surroundings and the risks involved with your physical environment. And red means there’s an emergency, and something is wrong. If you practice yellow light awareness, then you can feel the risks that are around you, and avoid them. For an example of how that would interconnect with the idea of debt, yellow light awareness would suggest that you understand that at an open marketplace, there might be someone there trying to steal your wallet, or perhaps some of the vendors are trying to dupe you. Assuming that you are entirely financially safe in any situation is one way to get caught getting defrauded or stolen from.

Understanding Impulse Buys

The psychology behind impulse buys is absolutely fascinating. Once you look into how sales tactics work, you’ll find that you probably succumb to some of these methodologies. If you pay attention to your surroundings in areas that are set up to have you impulsively buy things, then you will better be able to stay out of debt situations.

Adapting To Cultural Norms

Some cultures and subcultures spend more money than others. And expenditures don’t necessarily make sense. For example, you may live in a culture where it’s normal to buy a very expensive car, but you don’t need one, and it’s not really practical. If you figure out how to adapt to cultural norms in a way that requires you to spend less money, that is another way for you to stay out of debt.