Why I Started This Blog

Welcome to Well Room. If you have ever felt alone in the struggle to repay your debts or merely find the world of finance a little too overwhelming at times, this is the website for you. Designed with real people and real financial issues at its heart, welroom.com welcomes you to share your experiences with the broader community.

About Me

My name is Michael Stone, and I am the creator of the Well Room website. I currently work for a successful business consulting company in my hometown of Chicago, USA, as well as running this blog.

Working in the business consultancy field, I have come across all sizes and types of companies over the years, so I have built up a wealth of information on anything related to finance, investments, marketing, and management plus many other specialist areas. However, when it comes to personal finances, I guess that you could say I have also become something of an expert – though yet I am still looking for the perfect financial solution to my own debts!

Though this reveal may come of a surprise to those new to this blog, I have no qualms with admitting that I have faced an uphill struggle over the many years since leaving college to repay my debts. If you have been to college and got yourself lumbered with college debt and then come out into the real world of work and struggled to make ends meet, with many obligations hanging over your head, you may well understand my predicament.

Most seem to assume that because I am so good at organizing and lending my business and financial acumen to other people, that I am obviously going to be in the best financial shape myself. Well, I can honestly say that this just isn’t the case and unfortunately, I find myself in that cycle of hitting my credit card to pay off most things!

How the What Ever Loser Room Website Came to Be

Having worked in the business industry for the length of time that I have, I have come to realize that we all go through financial difficulty at different stages of our lives. Whether it be personal, or business related, there will always be more robust times to combat. Yet, when you are amid it yourself, you do tend to feel isolated, perhaps as though you are the only one facing such struggles. I wanted to challenge this perception, and that was how I came up with the concept of creating a website for people who were experiencing such conflicts as a way of saying you aren’t alone!

As for the name, What Ever Loser Room, it merely means what it says, I am a financial loser – and do you know what, I’m not ashamed to admit it! You see, for me and many others like me out there in the broader community, we know that as hard as it may be to admit to financial difficulty, once it’s out there, it tends to make it easier to work with. Only when we recognize our difficult situation to ourselves can we genuinely seek to look for ways to begin to resolve it.

Furthermore, I tired of feeling as though I was worthless and that because I was in such a difficult financial situation that I had to feel low, miserable and depressed. Being caught in the cycle of debt is nothing much to sing about, but it need not be the end. That’s why I wanted to reach out to other people in the same situation and reassure them. By creating a community where all those feeling as though they are the only ones struggling with those addictive credit cards, pesky loans or sky-high interest rates, I can offer an area for all people affected to come and talk about it with no strings attached.

What the Well Room Can Offer All Visitors

The Well Room website is a place for anybody who wants to learn more, discuss or even ask for advice on any matters relating to finances, whether personal or business. This is a fast-growing community for all visitors to spend some time discovering ways to help themselves and their own predicaments, while perhaps lending their voices to others to benefit from along the way. Ultimately, this is a place for us to begin changing our financial situations one step at a time, working together.

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