Why You Should Start Saving Money Now

Due to the rising cost of living and the constant wage rates, finding extra money from a tight budget is understandably difficult. For such a reason, you constantly procrastinate when to start saving for an expensive project such as trade show booth displays. Ideally, such projects require you to start saving now if you want to pay or rent for them without adding long-term deductibles on your paycheck.

Besides, if you have the cash at hand, you will strengthen your bargaining power of renting or buying a trade show booth display for your home or business improvement.

A recent survey conducted by the Bankrate optically made it visible that most American folks are not financially secure to deal appropriately with a $1000 emergency. Such inefficiency possesses a question about when you should start saving. In essence, we save, since we cannot predict the future, and with the saving, you become financially secure to provide a financial safety net to manage emergencies.

Different people save for varying reasons; it is high time you found a motive to stash your dream funds. Notably, saving becomes easier when you have clear goals for the money you are setting aside. Below are some of the reasons you may start saving now.

Your Education

Currently, competitive to join a college in the U.S, especially, now that international students are surging in, in large numbers. Due to intake capacity limits, the higher learning institutions are charging more in fee and accommodation for the immigrant and Americans as well. Hence, to join a competitive and prestigious school would mean digging deep into your pocket.

To pay for such hefty expenses without feeling much weight, it is ingenious to start a saving scheme now. Considerably, if you want to save for your children’s education refer to the 529 plan. The plan varies based on the state you live. It is worth noting that going to school is expensive as it is accompanied by hidden expenses. The need to cover such expenses without much hustle is key to start saving now.

Save for an Emergency

It is vital to have emergency funds to cover costs that may arise from the blues. The emergency fund may help you pay for car repair or temporal unemployment expenses. Emergency funds should be three to six months of your earning. However, you should continuously keep it growing—to twelve months—when you are done paying your debts.

In parallel to the emergency fund, you should ensure you have a good health care plan and other insurances to bail you out during hard financial times or when the unheralded financial events come knocking.

The Economy may Decelerate

The United States GDP is strong and is anticipated to moderate. That doesn’t mean that tough economic times cannot hit the United States. Since the last recession that occurred in 2009, there hasn’t been an economic downturn for some time now, and some economists are hinting that the economy might decelerate in the next three years.

Since you cannot foretell when the stock market will face a crisis again, it doesn’t itch to bolster up your savings. Ideally, you save such that when the economy slopes to the recession, you will have a strong cash position to buffer yourself against the inevitable financial interruptions.

Saving for Retirement

It is every individual wishful thought to live a better life and age gracefully after long years of work. It is advisable you start saving now for your retirement. It might look absurd, however, the sooner you start the less you will save in the future.

As you continue to save, the more interest will accrue from the principal amount that you have saved. This way your money will be working for you. Additionally, you can contribute to IRA and your 401(K). A combination of the savings and your pension will cater for your future expenses when you are old or retired.

Save for luxurious items and Vacations

Money makes life better. Save money to pay for your entertainment and luxurious expenses. You can save some cash to tour places of your choices. Moreover, you can save money to acquire big large ticket items such as a new patio furniture. It is understood, negotiation power, for bigger items, strengthens when you have cash at hand. Saving for fun things is great since it motivates you to save this way.

Save for a new Car

Buying a car in cash will free up the car deductible-payments from your paycheck. In addition, you can negotiate the price of a car much lower when you are paying in cash at the dealership. Living without car deductible payments will result in a notable difference in your monthly expenses. Consequently, you will save more towards other goals should you pay for your car in cash.


Saving money for your dream pursuit is not easy,especially, now that you have to pay for several utility bills. However, with a goal to accomplish, you can stash a given amount of your income to fulfil such desires. I wish you well as you plan to save. REMEMBER NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO START SAVING.