Shining a Light on the Shadow Industries

For all the criticism we throw the way the establishment, you know, the typical conformist path of going to school, furthering your studies and then entering the workplace, it still makes for one of the safest options around, if not the safest. You only have to think about the risks associated with going into business for yourself to understand that it’s only the beginning. There’ll be so many more risks to have to try and navigate and failure often means financial difficulty.

When you have an academic qualification to your name, especially in the form of a degree, your prospects of landing employment and earning a steady income are indeed increased. It doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a steady source of income however, but what it does mean is that the field you studied for isn’t necessarily the only field you can exclusively work in.

That’s why there’s nearly always a phrase included in a job listing about how having a certain qualification or its equivalent is “advantageous” and not necessarily compulsory in order for you to qualify.

Our focus turns to business though, particularly with respect to those who want to improve on their chances of succeeding. Whereas on one’s path down the corporate road is pretty much as straight forward as it can be, i.e. you acquire a set of skills and then seek employment in a field where you can put those skills to use, on the business path it’s a different story. In the world of business and entrepreneurship, things are not what they seem. It’s not as straight forward as in the corporate world in which you’d be active as an employee, in this instance.

In business it would appear as if the “shadows” control everything, especially in this day and age. There can only be so many service providers and goods producers whose offerings are as simple and straight forward as buying what you see in front of you. Anybody else who enters this market only really makes for some competition, albeit some much-needed competition, admittedly.

The shadow industries are running the show though and that is where the serious money is.

A shadow industry is pretty much any business that exists today which isn’t directly involved in the process of producing what it sells, whether what it sells is a physical product, a service or an idea. It’s all about selling the idea of a certain lifestyle and then monetizing the action people take in an attempt to acquire that lifestyle.

The analogy of selling shovels to all the gold-prospecting hopefuls during the gold rush comes to mind to perfectly explain this concept. However, in the so-called shadow industries, players who make their money on this business model are unfortunately not always forthcoming about the integrity of the products and services they make their money selling.

How many e-books or coaching seminars about changing your life around and building wealth have actually gone on to work out for you in the manner advertised or in the manner implied through advertising, for example? I can tell you – likely none of them you’ve bought into and you’re not the only one.