Running Your Small Business From Home: Helpful Tips On Staying Focused

Modern technology makes it more than possible to run your own small business from home.  Setting up your own office, working your own hours, and choosing your own direction when it comes to business is an entrepreneur’s ideal structure.  

Finding the drive and gumption to keep everything together for the business in the midst of everything going on at home can be challenging at times, but keep the faith.  Here is a brief overview, highlighting some helpful tips on staying focused when you work from home.

Create a designated work space

You’ll never get anything done without a designated work space to do business.  Your work needs order and organization, and your office space is a foundational element of success in that department.  

Set up an office space in your home, equipped with all the materials and equipment you’ll need to work in peace and comfort.  Get yourself an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to cut down on the possibility for developing carpal tunnel, and make sure your office chair makes the cut too.  

Set regular work hours for yourself

Set regular work hours for yourself at home, so the people who live with you will become accustomed to leaving you alone during those times.  Setting regular work hours will help you to get more work done too.

When you know what to expect during the day, you’re more likely to get right to it.  Boost your personal performance, and work at the same times every day.

Don’t shy away from taking breaks

You may need to be pretty strict on yourself to keep your work ethic up to par, but don’t shy away from taking frequent breaks during your work day.  You will actually be more productive if you take a simple ten minute break after every hour of work.  

Physically, you need breaks to get your blood moving in the right directions.  Mentally, simple breaks will help your eyes to focus more efficiently and give your brain time to take a mental log of what you’ve learned/accomplished.  

Swear off social media during work hours

When you’re working, there’s no reason you need to be browsing the pages of social media.  Of course, it’s understandable if you work in social media, but you get the point.

It’s far too easy to get lost in the social blurbs of friends, family, and even strangers.  Don’t get trapped in the draw of Facebook or Instagram, and set your phone aside as you work.  

Invest in the right tools for the job

In terms of equipment, it’s best to make a solid investment from day one.  Spend the extra money to purchase a high-quality computer.  Spend the extra money to purchase a high-quality chair, and keep your receipts for claiming purposes at tax time.