Mastering the Pro-Gambler Level of Discipline

We can learn a lot from those rather mysterious characters who live out their lives as professional gamblers and of course I’m talking about true pro gamblers, the most authentic of whom probably don’t readily broadcast to the world that they’re pro gamblers. Having said that, this doesn’t mean anyone who blogs about being a pro-gambler isn’t a legit pro, but most of them just spend their time handling their core business as opposed to trying to convince everyone that they’re good at what they do.

That’s the first lesson we can learn from pro-gamblers as part of what they can teach us through the discipline they demonstrate. You should be concerned with some core activity which in a sense defines the manner through which you make your income, with anything else you entertain around that taking nothing away from the core business.

That’s one of the keys to mastering your discipline – the ability to focus.

Objective goal-setting

Professional gamblers draw much of their characteristic discipline from their objective approach to goal-setting. It’s a simple matter of knowing exactly what needs to be done while the bit about knowing how it needs to be done perhaps forming part of what separates someone who can be a professional gambler from someone who just wouldn’t cut it. Simply put – you have a certain amount of money you need to make come the end of the month, which means you know exactly how much money you effectively need to win.

This doesn’t make the task any easier, but what it highlights is that the goals are set objectively.

Effective task-completion methods

For many people gambling is nothing but a harmless and fun pastime, undeniably coming with the very real possibility of winning and winning big. For someone whose livelihood depends on making a success out of gambling though, it goes beyond just having a bit of fun with every bet you place. A pro-gambler needs to find a way to make sure they win more money than they lose, which means they have to find the most effective way of placing bets and collecting winnings.

Effective task-completion, i.e. finding the most effective way to complete a task is definitely a great source for the type of discipline pro gamblers have. If you’re faced with the prospect of having to complete a repetitive task every day, the days on which it gets boring and uninspiring are often those days when its completion isn’t going all too well. It’s a simple matter of being able to draw on the motivation that comes with being able to see that your efforts are paying off.

In conclusion, in order for one to master the pro-gambler level of discipline they have to set goals objectively and then find the most effective way of completing the tasks which come together to make up the requirements of meeting those goals. This approach can be applied to any field, career, job, task, or project beyond the rather precarious world of pro gambling and it can also be applied to the manner in which one handles their personal finances.