The Intricate Link between Business, Economics and Law

We attend a lot of networking sessions, watch quite a bit of TV featuring shows where business and the finances are discussed and some of us even liaise with mentors so as to gain better insight into what could contribute to our ultimate success, but given how things are going, is any of it worth any value at all? For what it’s worth I’m going to save you a bit of time and perhaps some money as well in telling you that ultimately you have to be the one to figure out your money-maker.

By no means am I claiming to be the ultimate business oracle – far from it in fact, but I know one or two things about how some of it works. Testimony to this will be revealed sometime in the future, whether the very near future, medium term or long term. Make no mistake about it though – I’m definitely going to make a noise about it.

So anyway, as much as it’s ultimately up to you to find that one thing that will bring in the money, there are some pointers you can put into place in order to point you in the right direction. There’s one particular link which you should explore further, that being the relationship between the fields or industries of Business, Economics and Law.

If you can master the analysis of this link then you’ll never find yourself short on opportunities to pursue in the business and entrepreneurial realms. The long and short of it is that business and economics are conduits of law. These two fields are conduits of the legal industry and the closer you can get to the underlying legal side of Business, Economics and any other industry, the closer you’ll be getting to the money!

Think about it from the point of view of the legal field itself and lawyers…

If someone finds themselves in a legal predicament which has them criminally charged with something that seriously threatens their freedom, will they not stop at nothing to make the funds available to obtain competent legal counsel? They most certainly will.

So what this suggests then is that it’s probably a very good idea to invest in something like a degree in law if you’re looking at it from that point of view. I mean once a lawyer has gone through all the necessary channels to qualify, get accredited and even open up their own practice, you will never go hungry!

Even in the case of that car accident lawyer who offers free case reviews, ultimately they’re only doing so to evaluate if you have a case or not.

Now when you go just one layer up and into the fields of Economics and Law, what you’ll realise is that these and other industries are all just iterations of law. In order to make money in the markets as something like a broker, what you’re really deploying are some strategies within the confines of the law that surrounds securities and the likes, just as is the case with business.

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