Hitting the Income-Generation Sweet Spot

So I’m going to come right out with it and proclaim that the goal is to get your money for nothing (and your chicks for free…) – okay, no, that’s just a line from a very popular rock song by Dire Straits, but the “money for nothing” part rings true, doesn’t it? I mean if someone knocked on your door and had a contract which solidifies that the agreement is a no-strings-attached one, offering to pay you just because-, you would take the deal, wouldn’t you? Of course this would be after doing your due diligence and ascertaining that this “too-good-to-be-true” scenario is in fact a genuine one, but the gist of it is that anybody who could would indeed love to just get paid for nothing.

Unfortunately though this is a less than ideal world we’re living in, forever indebted to the system of capitalism, whether we like it or not or whether or not you live in a country which has formally adopted capitalism as its economic system of operation. I mean the next best thing to getting paid for doing absolutely nothing would perhaps be getting asked what exactly it is you would spend your time doing if the current salary you earn was guaranteed to you, regardless of what you go on to spend your time doing.

So in this case you’d be getting paid to do something you actually like or love doing and again, if this was an ideal world that could very well happen. We could all have a round-table type conference, where each attendee is asked what they’d love to get paid to do and then we simply substitute and interchange the jobs or careers, assigning labours of love to everyone and then having them keep the salary they earn. It would be like some kind of economic aggregator and a lot more people would be happier in their careers, while productivity levels would perhaps generally increase as a result of people doing the jobs they like.

I mean sure, there are some jobs nobody wants to do – I don’t know if there is anyone who would particularly like to be a street sweeper, but then again if I was offered the same salary as an engineer to sweep the streets, I’d be more than happy to kit out in my overalls and sweep the street like it’s never been swept before!

So I guess what I’m ultimately getting at though is that there is an income generation sweet spot which is admittedly not all the way like getting money for nothing, but rather just about being able to dip into the economy and generate your income without having to put in too much effort. Naqvi for example is car accident law firm operating in Las Vegas, which is a known hot-spot for all sorts of legal trouble that develops around drunken driving and many other car injury legal issues. This is an example of some professionals who’ve hit the income-generation sweet spot, so now it’s over to you and all about finding your income generation sweet spot.

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