Formalizing Your Freelancing Business

Thanks to the internet, more people who would otherwise have no means through which to get into business can start their own operations with very little initial investment. The start-up and subsequent operational costs can be as low as paying for the domain name on which your website or blog is going to be hosted, through which you can then run a business such as a blog on which you sell advertising or perhaps something like an e-commerce website.

If you don’t even want to run your online business via some virtual real estate such as a website or blog however, you can make use of free tools such as Google Docs and the likes and pay for any additional features you might require as your operation grows. Naturally the type of online business we’d be talking about in that regard would be something like a freelancing operation.

Many people make some good profits operating online freelancing businesses which essentially leave no visible trace, such as how a seller on a platform such as Fiverr really is just a gig flipper who sources the work on freelancing platforms such as UpWork. For the most part you can get away with what is somewhat of a shadow-operation that takes place under the radar, but if you start making some life-changing amount of money then you’ll probably need to formalize and professionalize your operation.

Get a Registered Physical Office Address

You can get a virtual address if you really want to go that route, but it’s important to get a professional office address as your registered business location. I’m not contradicting myself by saying that a virtual address will do as a physical address, because the virtual quality in the world of online business simply refers to something like a managed office which may be located in a place that’s in a totally different country you might have never even been to.

Institute Professional Bookkeeping Structures

When payrolls start to expand and you have more freelancers’ wages to settle things can get a little bit more complicated. Rope-in the services of a professional accountant/bookkeeper and you’ll save a lot of time, money and possible future trouble. You can have them do their work remotely as well, as is the case with your core freelancing staff like your writers, graphic designers, customer service representatives, etc.


The institution of professional bookkeeping structures really puts you in line to more easily comply with your tax obligations, even if it’s only on the level of record-keeping if you’re perhaps operating in a tax free jurisdiction.

Institute Professional Record-Keeping Structures

Proper record keeping such as making use of something like an online check stub maker is about more than just complying with professional standards that will cast your business in a better light. What you’ll get is a good database of records to be able to look back on and make better plans for future expansion or damage control if needs be as raw business data makes for the best set of tools with which to plan more efficiently.