Exploring the True Power of Your Business Network

Back when I was in college some college politics crept into the general rhetoric and there were some academic courses which many students tended to look down on. These were seen as the “go-to” courses when you either have no other option or if you’re not quite doing well in the suggestively more prestigious fields.

Economics is one such field of study along with web design, but I bet the qualified economists and web designers are now having the last laugh because their professional qualifications put them in a position which pretty much ensures they’ll never go hungry. If you know your stuff as an economist then you’re at the heart of the financial world, but web designers are perhaps even in a much better position to take advantage of the business world. This goes beyond just soliciting businesses and offering them your services as a web designer.

In truth it’s not a very easy field to get into that of web design and these days even the best of web designers has so much competition from so many different sources to contend with. However, one particular web designer former colleague of mine makes for the perfect example of how one can leverage the true power of their business network. This is how his choice to stick with a web design qualification proves to have been an invaluable one because believe it or not, he doesn’t really make his living as a web designer anymore.

This guy knew that at some point there would be competition from sources such as free platforms which allow people to create their own professional websites, so too from web designers who basically undercut the market because of the great position they find themselves in to charge lower rates. Web designers from the likes of Thailand for example do a lot more with less foreign exchange, so they can charge less for the same service and quality someone from the USA for example would settle for.

That highlights the issue of competition, which my former colleague addressed by just approaching his web design craft as a portfolio-building exercise in the beginning. He settled for remuneration which might appear to be crazy from the point of view of the typical web designer residing in the USA, but his ultimate plan was to build up a business network.

Brilliant in my view – what happens these days is he simply takes a look at his network of web design clients, all of whom are naturally operating businesses of some sort, then he sort of cross-references them against each other, playing supplier and buyer respectively between two of these businesses in his network which are in similar lines of business. For example, if one is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that manufacturers equipment which forms part of the integrated solutions of another business in his network, this is the perfect opportunity for him to approach the buyer and come in with a cheaper sourcing offer from the OEM.

The mark-up then makes for his profit and dare I say it makes for some great profits.