Everything You Need to Know About Establishing Yourself as a Niche Authority

It’s true, isn’t it – we’re now well and truly living in the era of the conscious minds, where pretty much anyone who is capable of independent thoughts can establish themselves as an authority in any niche of their choosing really? What’s more is that you wouldn’t want to be doing this for fun – you can make some good money out of it and dare I say, I reckon every single human being roaming the face of this planet should in some or other way seek to establish themselves as a niche authority.

Preferably you should choose a topic you’re passionate about, but that’s not how it has to be exclusively. You can go for a niche you’re just interested in learning more about because this way you’re approaching it from the point of view of many other people who are seeking to learn about the same niche.

There are a couple of things you need to know about how to go about setting yourself up in a specific niche however, the least of which is the angle with which you’re going to pursue that niche.

Passion versus problem-solving

It’s no secret that blogging is a favourite medium through which people can practice the various activities concerned with building up the kind of knowledgebase with which they ultimately aim to establish themselves as an authority, but that’s a technical consideration. With regards to the angle, there are one of two and in many respects they can overlap. You have to decide though if you’re simply going to be discussing a topic you’re passionate about from the point of view of a fan, or indeed if you’re going to be sharing the kind of information that solves problems related to that niche.

Both can be monetised all the same, such as how a sports discussion forum is just as great a place to sell replica sports jerseys as is a blog about health and fitness through which to sell dietary supplements.

Covering your legal bases

Naturally when one seeks to establish themselves as an authority in their specific niche they’ll be constantly sharing information which they deem to be useful, actionable and valuable to their audiences. This might sometimes mean you give direct advice on some very delicate and pertinent matters whose outcome can have some long-lasting consequences. You have to be careful not be held personally liable in the eyes of the law and so you have to cover your legal bases.

A simple disclaimer could very well do to cover those legal bases, but I would personally recommend collaboration with legal professionals such as the Alliance Law Group. Law is a very complicated matter, which is why qualified professionals spent a lot of time and money obtaining their legal qualifications, so to be on the safe side, have an expert look over your copy so that your legal bases are covered.

Mentioning to your audiences and prospective clients that you do indeed acquire competent legal counsel in this matter also adds oodles more credibility to your operation, giving you a huge boost in your quest to consolidate on your position as an authoritative figure in your niche.

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