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Stay Out of Debt: Pay Attention To Your Surroundings!

When it comes to being smart about finances, a big part of your equation is always going to be the desire to stay out of debt. And, though there might be more concrete and

Preventing the Incidents and Situations That Lead To Debt

Debt doesn’t happen on its own. There’s always some sort of incident or situation that leads to it. So, if you’re smart about the reverse engineering process, you can look to the future to

4 Tips for Staying Out of Debt

One of the crushing factors when it comes to standard of living later in life is how much debt you end up in. Once you already dig yourself into a hole, it can be

Following the Money Trail to Reduce Your Debt

To be fair there’s usually one, two or a handful of major events you can probably point to as the watershed moment which put you in the debt-riddled situation you perhaps find yourself in.

Personal Debt Annihilation Plan

Debt is built-up in a number of different ways, but one of the most unfair ways though which debt gets accumulated is that of student debt. If you don’t have the money to finance

Micro-Financial Engineering for Improved Personal Finances

Financial engineering isn’t something that can be officially classified as a specific branch of economics, but its existence as a widely practiced concept in the financial sector is every bit as real as its