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The Ultimate Business Plan Template

One of the greatest financial freedoms one can ever enjoy is that of essentially being fully in charge of how you spend your time. The suggestion is that whatever it is you choose to

Just Who Are Your Customers?

Whatever your business is, you have something to sell. If you’re a retail business you have your products, whether you’re selling them based on their function and utility or based on the luxury and

3 Tips For Giving A Big Presentation At Work

For many modern workers, the time may come where you’re required to give some type of presentation as part of your job. Even if the stakes aren’t very high for your presentation, like it’s

Abu Dhabi’s Paper Bag Boy Pushes for Eco-Friendly Future

Over the last few years, we’ve seen people all across the world start to appreciate the affect plastic products have on the environment, but there are always a few people who stand out. One

3 Tips For Increasing Your Earning Potential At Your Current Job

For almost everyone in the workforce, there’s always a desire to have a more prestigious position or be making more money than your presently are. Whether these desires come from your determination to always

4 Moneymaking Ideas To Use a Templates

When it comes to making money, there are a ton of ideas and templates that you can start with that will help you narrow down your best options. Sometimes all it takes is a

Formalizing Your Freelancing Business

Thanks to the internet, more people who would otherwise have no means through which to get into business can start their own operations with very little initial investment. The start-up and subsequent operational costs

Extracting Value from Social Media

I hope that particular originator of the meme has since gotten with the programme and realised just how hopelessly wrong they were, but the joke is most certainly on that person who created that

The True Cost of the Best Years of Your Life

Quite rightfully so, the four years (ideally) you spend at college studying for your academic qualification in the field you want to enter are dubbed the “best years of your life.” This is when