5 ways to motivate your team this spring

Motivating your team is essential to running a successful business, as teams are the tools that the majority of companies execute their best work with. If you were to take energy, knowledge and the necessary skills and apply them to a group of well motivated people, then you have the perfect recipe for success.

Now that winter is finally coming to an end and the January blues are dwindling away, it’s time to think about what spring holds for your business. It’s important to keep your team motivated all year round, but thinking of new strategies to do so helps to retain production and prevent boredom.

How can you motivate your team this spring?

1. Communication

If you don’t learn about ideas and the attitude and concerns of your team members, then you can’t expect to thrive as a business. And if you aren’t thriving, you can’t grow! Communicating with your team is pivotal and you should take every opportunity possible to interact with them. This will help you discover endless ways of organising your business more efficiently.

2. Avoid the avoidable

Pointless meetings can prove to be a mighty waste of time. In fact, on average, the professional wastes almost four hours in unproductive meetings every single week, which equates to nearly 200 hours a year. This equates to losing more than 10 business days – or a fortnight – annually. Create a schedule for your meetings and invite only the employees who really need to attend. Start the meeting on time and prevent it from running over.

Another avoidable distraction is the phone. Admittedly, phone calls can be an excellent way of sourcing customers and connecting with clients, however, using a business call answering service and having someone do that side of the job for you can save a ton of time. This time can instead be spent nurturing your employees.

3. Encourage new ideas

Each member of the team is likely to relish the opportunity to suggest new ideas whilst being given the authority and chance to implement them. Offer your team members the chance to take initiative and you may just be surprised by the outcome. Not only will this introduce new ideas for your business but it will also motivate your team, certain to increase productivity.

4. Don’t fret over failure

Don’t be afraid to fail and make sure that your team echoes such a mantra. Everybody makes mistakes, you can’t expect to grow as an individual and you can’t expect your business to grow without the odd mishap. So long as you learn valuable lessons from said mistakes, what’s the worst that can happen? If your team members make mistakes, don’t punish them but instead, encourage them to try again.

5. Healthy competition

Creating healthy competition within your team is one way to effectively use the famous reward system. Employees are more likely to contribute their efforts and ideas to maximum capacity if they can be sure their efforts will lead to results and therefore, rewards. However, when using such an initiative, you must make the reward system clear to everyone.