3 Qualities Of An Excellent Phlebotomist

If you’ve always wanted to work in the medical field but don’t think you can handle all the schooling and training that it takes to be a doctor, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of other options out there for you. One line of work you might want to consider is that of a phlebotomist. When working as a phlebotomist, you’ll see patients who need their blood drawn, and you’ll take care of that small procedure for them. But apart from not being afraid of blood or needles, what else should you have to be a successful phlebotomist? To show you, here are three qualities of an excellent phlebotomist.

Good Dexterity

Since the biggest part of your job as a phlebotomist will be drawing blood from people using a needle, it’s vital that you have good dexterity and hand-eye coordination. According to Phlebotomy Examiner, some patients who come in to see you will be very afraid of needles. In situations such as these, the patient may be nervous and shaking, which can make it very hard to hit the small target of their vein. Because of this, you’ve got to be able to get the blood drawn that you need while causing them minimal pain. This often requires you to be steady with your hands despite how unsteady the patient may be at the moment.

Attention To Detail

Aside from the actual drawing of the blood, the rest of your job as a phlebotomist will likely consist of a lot of administrative tasks and organization. Especially with the number of patients that many phlebotomists see in a day, it’s crucial that you’re able to keep all your samples straight and get everything sent to the right places for the right people. According to Gary Jackson, a contributor to Medium.com, you’ll also need to pay attention to each label that’s printed for the samples you’re taking. If the label is incorrect or there are even minor details that are wrong, the sample may not be used in the intended way or for the intended person.

Calm, Relaxing Demeanor

Because there are so many people who don’t enjoy getting their blood drawn, it’s going to be very helpful to your career as a phlebotomist if you possess a calm, relaxing demeanor. According to HealthCareSecurity.com, people who don’t naturally have these traits can still have success in this field, but phlebotomist who can put their patients at ease and make the whole process a little less painful often find more fulfillment and joy in their job.

If you’ve ever thought about being a phlebotomist, a consider using the information presented above to see if it’d be a good fit for you as a future profession.

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