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4 Tips for Staying Out of Debt

One of the crushing factors when it comes to standard of living later in life is how much debt you end up in. Once you already dig yourself into a hole, it can be

The Financial Consequences of Tragic Situations

Tragic events contain a lot of emotional information. But compounding that, there are often financial consequences that are impossible to separate from the event itself. Especially if you are already in a state of

Lessons in Economics Learned from the Legal Field

It’s true what they say that economics is very intricately linked to politics, but there aren’t that many lessons one can learn from politics to perhaps apply in other fields such as economics, so

Following the Money Trail to Reduce Your Debt

To be fair there’s usually one, two or a handful of major events you can probably point to as the watershed moment which put you in the debt-riddled situation you perhaps find yourself in.

Why Emergencies Don’t Have to Ruin Your Financially

A lot more people who generate an income either through their job or as entrepreneurs often find that they’re really just living on the brink. Sure, you manage to pay all your bills quite

9 Quick Steps to Sort Your Credit Out!

Most of us skip happily along using our debit cards and cash to pay for most incidental payments in life, like a round of drinks but this won’t do when it comes to the

Hitting the Income-Generation Sweet Spot

So I’m going to come right out with it and proclaim that the goal is to get your money for nothing (and your chicks for free…) – okay, no, that’s just a line from

Ways to Help You Pay Your Way Through College Without Getting Yourself into Student Loan Debt

It is no unknown fact that student loan debts can be quite a hefty sum. In order to get through college often it’s seen that students get themselves into such immense debts that they

Why Should Your Business Use a Static IP Address?

Computers need IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to talk to each other over the internet. Most users are familiar with the IPv4 IP address, which is made up of 32 bits, such as 123.45.678.910. There

How much will you need for your retirement? Take the quiz today!

With the subject of pensions receiving plenty of media attention, there is more emphasis on the importance of pensions and financially planning for the future. But just how much will you need? Online investment