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The Intricate Link between Business, Economics and Law

We attend a lot of networking sessions, watch quite a bit of TV featuring shows where business and the finances are discussed and some of us even liaise with mentors so as to gain

What Makes Business Consultants Relevant

I truly admire business consultants who strike out on their own and start their own business consultancies and I wish I was brave enough to do so myself. The truth is that it’s a

Careers for Which a College Degree is Still Crucial

You can probably tell by making reference to many of the other blogs we’re networked to over here that generally there’s a bit of an attitude towards traditionally formal schooling. Of course I’m talking

Everything You Need to Know About Establishing Yourself as a Niche Authority

It’s true, isn’t it – we’re now well and truly living in the era of the conscious minds, where pretty much anyone who is capable of independent thoughts can establish themselves as an authority

Extracting Value from Social Media

I hope that particular originator of the meme has since gotten with the programme and realised just how hopelessly wrong they were, but the joke is most certainly on that person who created that

Shining a Light on the Shadow Industries

For all the criticism we throw the way the establishment, you know, the typical conformist path of going to school, furthering your studies and then entering the workplace, it still makes for one of

Mastering the Pro-Gambler Level of Discipline

We can learn a lot from those rather mysterious characters who live out their lives as professional gamblers and of course I’m talking about true pro gamblers, the most authentic of whom probably don’t

The True Cost of the Best Years of Your Life

Quite rightfully so, the four years (ideally) you spend at college studying for your academic qualification in the field you want to enter are dubbed the “best years of your life.” This is when

Exploring the True Power of Your Business Network

Back when I was in college some college politics crept into the general rhetoric and there were some academic courses which many students tended to look down on. These were seen as the “go-to”