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4 Tips for Staying Out of Debt

One of the crushing factors when it comes to standard of living later in life is how much debt you end up in. Once you already dig yourself into a hole, it can be

The Financial Consequences of Tragic Situations

Tragic events contain a lot of emotional information. But compounding that, there are often financial consequences that are impossible to separate from the event itself. Especially if you are already in a state of

Creating a Successful Path Forward for Your Business

You may feel that your business is thriving right now as it is. But what about the future? That kind of question is what’s going to keep you moving forward into positive progress. Without

Practical Life Hacks for Reducing Your Personal Debts

When it comes to reducing our personal debts, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there that relates to the practicalities of being in debt in the twenty-first century!

The Price of the Millennial Dream

If you were to ask the typical Millennial what their dream lifestyle would be, chances are they’ll paint a beautiful picture of a life spent earning money doing what they love doing, if not

Here’s Why There’s No Need for College Student Debt

Okay, so I’ll admit right off the bat that this is perhaps the epitome of what ideological views are all about, but it’s worth the discussion in any case. Hopefully one day somebody will

Making the Transition from Employee to Manager

For many people working their way through the ranks, there often comes a time when a management position opens up and provides an opportunity to move up the career ladder.

Formalizing Your Freelancing Business

Thanks to the internet, more people who would otherwise have no means through which to get into business can start their own operations with very little initial investment. The start-up and subsequent operational costs

Lessons in Economics Learned from the Legal Field

It’s true what they say that economics is very intricately linked to politics, but there aren’t that many lessons one can learn from politics to perhaps apply in other fields such as economics, so

Following the Money Trail to Reduce Your Debt

To be fair there’s usually one, two or a handful of major events you can probably point to as the watershed moment which put you in the debt-riddled situation you perhaps find yourself in.